Bac Prep 1-3


Bac Prep English Course

This is for students who require English language for the Moroccan system baccalaureate exams. The courses focus on grammar, reading, speaking, writing and helping students to speak with more confidence. 



Start date: Please contact us or visit our centre for more information
Finish date: Please contact us or visit our centre for more information
Duration: 10 weeks
Hours: 30 Hours / 3 hours per week
Please contact us for the latest timetable and fees for this course.


Who is it for?

These courses are for students whose English allows them to communicate with others quite well much of the time, but who still make frequent mistakes so that there are regular misunderstandings. This course is designed for Moroccan baccalaureate students.


Course Content

Key areas include:
  • Building your vocabulary
  • Use English to express simple ideas and achieve results
  • Use English in a limited way in more difficult situation
  • Expending vocabulary
  • Will practice both written and spoken use of grammar structures needed for effective expression
  • Confident and fluent reading
  • Academic writing skills will be presented and practiced
  • Discussions and role-plays
  • Students will read and discuss a variety of different texts to help improve comprehension and understand related vocabulary