Advanced 1-5


Advanced English Course

Students complete communicative tasks that demand application of critical thinking skills and complex grammatical structures. The courses focus on grammar, reading, speaking, writing and helping students to speak with more confidence.



Start date: Please contact us or visit our centre for more information
Finish date: Please contact us or visit our centre for more information
Duration: 10 weeks
Hours: 30 Hours / 3 hours per week
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Who is it for?

Advanced English course is designed for advanced level students who have a very good knowledge of the English language and want to sharpen their skills before moving on to pursue their educational or professional goals. This course is designed for both children or juniors and adults.


Course Content

Key areas include:
  • Students will develop a more in depth analysis of grammar structures and usage at the word and sentence level
  • Students will move from the multi-paragraph essay to the multi-page paper, using complex and compound sentences and academic vocabulary
  • Students develop speaking and debating skills by practicing public speaking, discussion, research, and writing
  • Students will study grammar structures, such as future forms, modals of possibility, and conditionals through communicative, creative activities
  • Students will study grammar structures, such as gerunds and infinitives, past perfect and intensifiers through communicative
  • Discussions and role-plays
  • Discuss social conscience and your opinion about it
  • Talk about people who changed the world and current news stories
  • Discuss desires and expectations that are probable, possible, unreal or unlikely
  • Talk about regrets in the past/describe situations when we are wishing the past was different.
  • Using demonstrative adjectives, e.g. Are these your keys? Yes, they are!
  • The going to future, e.g. What are you going to do next week?
  • Talk about present or future situations that are improbable
  • Report writing – Write a short biography
  • Different question types, including yes/no questions, short answer questions and wh-/how questions.
  • Report something that happened to you/around you – Agree/disagree with opinions
  • Learn how to talk about cause and effect – Give a presentation about various topics